Where Does Raw Coffee Come From And How Does it Get To the Mikko Roastery?

Where Does Raw Coffee Come From And How Does it Get To the Mikko Roastery?

As you may know, "green coffee" is what we call the raw beans that are ready to be roasted. These raw beans originate from the fruits of coffee trees that grow in tropical regions around the world and must be harvested and processed before they can be shipped to roasters like Mikko.

At Mikko we partner with trusted green coffee importers to ensure we offer our customers the best coffees in the world. We select importers who specialize in high-quality coffee and adhere to ethical sourcing and quality standards. This is crucial to maintaining the integrity and excellence of our coffee.

One of our key partners is Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who have one their headquarters in Peru. Red Fox plays a critical role in finding the best coffee beans. Being based in origin countries allows them to maintain constant communication with farmers and logistics partners. This close connection ensures that fair and sustainable practices are followed, enabling farmers to earn a living and support their communities. 

Quality control starts at the source, with importers conducting initial checks directly with farmers. This allows them to provide real-time feedback on quality and assist in improvements when needed. Lots are selected based on a taste score, and a price premium is paid accordingly. This encourages farmers to up their game, which results in better and better lots over time. At Mikko, we are involved in this process by receiving samples for evaluation to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Our most recent Peru lot from the Calca community is a great example of these efforts paying dividends. 

coffee tree with ripe cherries in Peru

The logistics of transporting green coffee require extensive knowledge and experience. Red Fox Coffee Merchants coordinate transport with various logistics companies, exporters, and other entities in the supply chain to ensure the coffee reaches us in optimal condition. They take steps to keep the beans fresh during transport, such as using hermetically sealed bags and climate-controlled warehouses. 

Upon arrival at the Mikko roastery, we verify that the coffee is in good condition by measuring moisture and density and tracking it over time. The beans are then stored in our climate-controlled storage room and roasted weekly according to demand to maintain freshness.

The journey of green coffee from the farm to Mikko Roastery involves meticulous care and coordination at every step. From selecting trusted importers and ensuring ethical sourcing to maintaining quality control and managing logistics, each stage is crucial in delivering high-quality coffee.

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