Mikko Café & Torréfacteur

Same great coffee, different website

Welcome to the fresh and unified home of Mikko Espresso and Kaito Coffee Roasters. Two years ago, Kaito and Mikko embarked on an exciting journey of integration, consolidating two unique companies that had been operating independently up to that point.

It all began in 2014 with the opening of Mikko Espresso. Our story took an intriguing turn when Kaito opened its roasting facility within the same premises as Mikko. Sharing not just a building, but also an unwavering dedication to the craft of specialty coffee, it became evident that our journey was destined for a collaboration.

For five thriving years, we worked in harmonious coexistence, each enjoying a measure of success. However, to propel our businesses into a new era of growth, the idea of a merger became compelling. Since this integration in 2020, there has been a flurry of activities and a gradual blending of the two brands. We have adopted a thoughtful and measured approach to this fusion, ensuring that we determine the optimal way forward.

So far, our valued customers have mostly encountered the two brands in their distinct entities. However, the time is ripe to take a significant leap forward. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Mikko website, which will serve as the unified platform for Kaito’s coffee offerings as well as Mikko’s curated selection of lifestyle products. We are optimistic that you'll enjoy the new online experience as much as we have enjoyed curating it for you.

As we continue on this exciting journey together, brace yourself for an array of remarkable new coffees from Kaito, and innovative ways to savor them, brought to you by our highly skilled barista team at Mikko.

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