Ratio: 1:2 . Let your basket size determine coffee amount, then multiply by 2 for beverage weight). At Mikko we use 18.5g per shot which yields a beverage of 37g.

Time: 28 seconds. If your shot is too fast, grind finer. If it's too slow, grind coarser.

Use this as your starting point. Then adjust one variable at a time to your liking.

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Moka Pot

Fill the brewer with preheated water. Use a fine grind. Then fill the basket with coffee, assemble the brewer and place on stove on high heat. As soon as brewing is complete, transfer coffee to server or cups for best taste.

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French Press

Like it simple and easy? Then this is it! Use a 1:15 ratio or just eyeball it. Add hot water and wait 4 minutes. Then push the plunger down and serve.

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We recommend a 1:16 ratio with a medium grind. No scale? No problem, just go with your instinct. If you're using a manual pourover brewer, aim to complete your pour in about 2 minutes. We like to give it a gentle swirl to maximize evenness of extraction. However, this can also backfire and cause a huge mess. You've been warned!

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