The Story of the LØVE Blend

The Story of the LØVE Blend

In 2015, Mikko Roastery embarked on a journey to develop what would become our signature LØVE blend coffee. The goal was clear: to find high-quality Brazilian beans that would serve as the main component of the blend. We knew that our go-to espresso product needed the crowd-pleasing qualities of a good Brazilian bean—full-bodied with mild acidity and notes of chocolate, nut, and caramel.

At that time, finding the right Canadian coffee importers proved challenging. Many did not meet our stringent criteria for quality and ethical sourcing. However, Orange Brown Imports, a new player in Toronto, caught our attention. They specialized in importing coffees directly from Brazil, and their offerings seemed promising. We decided to order a few bags to test their beans. When Victor and Andre, the Brazil-native owners of Orange Brown, personally delivered the coffee to us, we sensed the beginning of something special.


Barbosa coffee farmer in minas Gerais Brazil

Orange Brown Imports excels in working directly with Brazilian farmers who prioritize quality. One such partnership is with Fazenda Sucuri, owned and operated by the Barbosa family. Their dedication to sustainability and fair labor practices has made them a beacon of social responsibility in the coffee industry. Beyond delivering exquisite flavor, their commitment ensures that every cup of coffee is ethically sourced.

The Barbosa family's coffee production tradition dates back to the twentieth century. This legacy began with Elias Barbosa, who passed his passion to his grandson, Claudio Barbosa de Paula, and subsequently to Claudio’s son, Jairo Barbosa de Paula. Today, Mr. Barbosa continues this heritage alongside his family, including his sons, Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo. For the Barbosa family, "family business" means more than just working together—it’s a way of life. Husbands, wives, fathers, sons, and daughters-in-law all come together, sharing a common vision, supporting one another, and collectively striving for success.

The quality of beans that Orange Brown sources from the Barbosa family is the best we have ever had. This partnership exemplifies the benefits of nurturing long-standing relationships and working with small, specialized importers. Through our collaboration, both Mikko Roastery and our partners have grown, and the LØVE blend is the fruit of that labor.

The journey from bean to blend is a testament to the dedication and passion of everyone involved—from the farmers at Fazenda Sucuri to our partners at Orange Brown Imports, and finally, to us at Mikko. This blend is not just a product; it’s a story of commitment, quality, and shared success.

We invite you to try our LØVE blend and experience the result of this incredible journey. Visit Mikko or order online, and be a part of our ongoing story. Follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more insights and updates on our coffee adventures.


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