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The Rainbow Coffee Bundle

The Rainbow Coffee Bundle

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The full spectrum experience includes:

LØVE Blend - our go-to espresso with notes of hazelnuts and caramel, and a long finish of semi-sweet chocolate.

Amour Féroceour signature dark roast features intense, sweet and toasted notes reminiscent of caramel, dark chocolate and tobacco.

RÊVERIE Decaf - this delicious decaf has a rich, well-balanced flavor with notes of apple, caramel and licorice.

SOL Blend - Bursting with sweet, fruity, and complex flavors reminiscent of berry compote, marzipan, and cream, the Sol was roasted to lead drinkers toward a richer understanding of the diverse and dynamic world of coffee.

Ethiopia Duromina - single origin filter roast. A cup with a Floral profile is delicate and characterized by its fruity aspect with notes of blood orange and honey. 

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