SOL coffee blend

Behind the scenes: the new SOL Blend

SOL, our new "yellow" blend, takes its name from our Sun, promising a coffee experience that guides you to new discoveries. Bursting with sweet, fruity, and complex flavors reminiscent of berry compote, marzipan, and cream, the SOL was roasted to lead drinkers toward a richer understanding of the diverse and dynamic world of coffee.

LØVE coffee blend bags

Our LØVE blend, with its easily recognizable blue label, has been your trusted companion, steadfast in any brewing journey you may embark upon. As you delve deeper into the world of coffee, you may find yourself wondering if there's more to discover. This is where the SOL blend comes in.

At the heart of SOL lies an extraordinary lot from Peru, carefully selected by the skilled team at Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Paired with a red honey processed lot from Costa Rica, the blend transcends the individual components, creating a harmonious and exceptional flavor profile. While the specific components may evolve with the changing seasons and harvest schedules, the flavor experience remains consistently delightful. This careful curation ensures that each cup of our blend delivers a memorable and unparalleled coffee experience, promising dependable satisfaction with every sip, regardless of the time of year.

a coffee cupping tasting in the mikko


We are thrilled to add the SOL Blend to our blend foundation series alongside LØVE Blend. We can't wait to hear what you think!

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